Recircle is an Animation Studio with a focus on stories & characters.

Recircle is an animation, illustration, character design, apps and video production studio in Zagreb, Croatia.  

Founded in 2009 by Denis Alenti and Miljana Dragičević (production manager, animation and film producer, project manager and executive producer), Recircle today has expanded its core team with three more creatives: Vjekoslav, Mary and Ingrid, as well as two passionate animation students, Anna and Domagoj. Recircle is also cooperating with a great extended team of animators, storytellers, writers and sound artists.  

Other than creating 2D animation cartoons and videos, as well as working on TV commercials and short films, explainer videos, animated music videos and short films, Recircle can help you with producing, writing, directing, illustration, character design, all kind of animation (2D, 3D, analogue, digital, stop motion), editing, post production and more.  

Recircle has developed Foofoo kids, an iOS app for kids, and produced an animated TV series for kids called Misho and Robin (30 x 5‘), based on the iOS app Adventures of Choro and Robin. The series has been broadcasting on the Croatian National Television (HRT) since autumn 2016.
Recircle is developing more animated TV series projects with a potential to expand to interactive apps.

Miljana Dragicevic


Head Producer

-production manager, animation and film producer, project manager and executive producer  

-great with people, full of contagious positive energy, a flexible and creative multitasker not afraid of deadlines  

-a proud mom of a successful physics student Sara  

-favourite animated character: Sport Billy, because he can fit everything in his little bag  

Vjekoslav Zivkovic


Animator Chief

– animation director, head animator, layout character and animation artist, storyboard artist and illustrator  

– a passionate workaholic, always a few steps ahead, a team player with a solution for every challenge, never misses a deadline  

– nothing gives him more joy than seeing a happy face of his little son Bruno while watching something his dad has created  

– favourite animated character: Captain K’nuckles, because he is everything opposite of Vjekoslav  

Ingrid Neuhold



– editor and storyteller  

– childish and mischievous, sees the world in her own different way, but still a great team player you can rely on  

– a proud mom of a little prince and a passionate salsa dancer  

– favourite animated character: Wall-E, because he’s gentle, grateful and loving  

Denis Alenti


Creative Director

– creative director, illustrator and writer  
– crazy about cats, animated or real, even has a little private cat shelter  
– favourite animated character: Dennis the menace, because he’s just like him